A Quick Escape

Slowly ascending the creepy dark tunnel, with every nerve wracking sound stirring my restless heart and causing my body to tremble.

That day was supposed to be a normal Friday, one where I would wake up at 6 to get ready for school and engage on the daily routine, except it wasn’t normal because I wasn’t back home, I was in Florida with my family in one of our weekend getaways.

In a split of a second we were fired into the end of the tunnel at a speed that challenged even my heartbeat  and before I could think about about it, we surfaced into the world.

And to think that just three hours before, we were contemplating what to do on our free day, and now we were racing into loops and falls of the Incredible Hulk in Island of Adventure.

I usually start slow and build my confidence up in amusement parks but this time we wanted to switch things up by starting with the biggest one. We decided we would do everything the opposite way and after Hulk, came my second daunting ride, Dr. Doom Freefall.

View of Hulk and Dr. Doom from trolley

I can’t explain how much I hate and love it at the same time. I can ride Dr. Doom 1000 times and 1000 times I will be regretting it as I sit down anxiously waiting to be launched into the air. I always think I see it coming, yet it always catches me off guard, scaring the life out of me. Afterwards, comes the fun part, when you try to see if your heart is still in place while being suspended in the air so high for a few seconds and as you come down, catching the sight of the beautiful view.

For sure there is not a better start to a day than by scaring the life out of you, not once but twice!

We kept on walking through the park until stumbling upon a new attraction in Island of Adventure, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. We waited in line in a dark cave full of exciting things from props to people hiding in the walls to scare the guests. The ride was amazing, a perfect combination of 3d and animations with real life stunts to give the ultimate sensation of having lived through Skull Island.

It is always a tradition for us to buy popcorn in Island of Adventure and refill it as many times as we please so after Kong we set to keep the tradition and buy our scheduled bucket.

It was then finally time for my favorite part of the whole park, The Harry Potter World, but before embarking on it and giving it all the time it deserves, it was time to take care of a small errand,  a growing hunger.

After lunch we emerged into the incredible version of the Harry Potter World. It is the best experience for a diehard Harry Potter fan like me. With quaint buildings as shops facing each other, reconstructing the perfect Hogsmeade, the towering Hogwarts castle, random wizards singing happily in the streets, and butterbeer in every corner, enough to rekindle the feelings only JK Rowling was able to evoke in her writing. We went through the whole castle and its talking portraits, moving objects, and incredible architecture making everything so real, before riding the fun Quidditch simulator. After taking on Hogwarts, we moved on to the Tri-Wizard competition in the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, one my favorite and sadly my last time on it. RIP Dragon Challenge.

After exiting my favorite fantasy world, we walked tiredly to Seuss Landing, a Dr. Seuss-inspired children area and rode on the trolley which we always take at the end of the day in Islands of Adventure to relax. After that we rode on Cat in the Hat to stretch our legs for a little while.

Soon enough, we were found on the long walk to our parked car to finish off our day. In the morning we didn’t even know what plans to do and here we were a couple of hours later, leaving our mark behind on an incredible day of adventures and memories. After having questioned multiple times whether my heart was still there, after sharing a bucket of popcorn again and again, and after visiting the fictional sites of my favorite series, there really is no bigger blessing than having the privilege to travel with my favorite companions: my family.




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  1. I missed your posts this summer. Your writing and ability to transport your readers into your memories just gets better and better. I’m proud of you!

    1. Thank you Mr! This past month has been a bit hectic, I went to Pennsylvania for a soccer camp and then to Panama to watch my big sister play tennis for Puerto Rico and I have taken time off from writing but I am glad to be back and I’m going to be posting more soon!

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