Adventurer Bags and Dubrovnik Airport

Imagine having the perfect trip to Europe planned ahead. It seems as if nothing could go wrong my first time visiting Europe. We spent a whole day traveling from Puerto Rico with a few connections to finally arrive at our destination which was Dubrovnik, Croatia. The only two things on my mind as we arrived in Dubrovnik was jet lag and hunger without still knowing what was ahead of us. Only one out of three suitcases had arrived. Everyone boarding our last flight had already left with their luggage while we were still waiting for two bags. The airport lost and found said that they might arrive the next day and that they would be brought to our hotel. It turns out the bags didn’t arrive the next day. Our trip was from Puerto Rico to New York to Frankfurt, Germany and finally to Dubrovnik, Croatia so it was a few connections but the instructions were clear there shouldn’t have been a reason for our bags to not be there at least the next day. Unfortunately for the tours and activities that were booked for my mom and dad, the only bag that arrived was mine so my parents didn’t have clothes. They were forced to go under dressed for a formal night dinner and had to lose one of the previously booked tours to go to the mall to buy clothes. The lost and found had tracking issues with the bags and my dad was forced to take control of the situation and contacted them a few times only to find out that now they didn’t even know where our bags were. They could’ve been all around Europe and never be found. Its pretty crazy how not knowing if you are ever seeing your suitcase can make you very distressed and even be the cause of ruining your trip. Thanks to God the next day we were told that the bags had been found. They were in Rome, Italy! I have no idea why they were in Italy because we had no connection there. After having tracked down our bags they were then sent further to Vienna, Austria, again with no purpose for us. The next day one of the bags arrived and the other one was apparently sent to Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the end of the day we didn’t let issues like these ruin our vacation or prevent us from having fun. You might be wondering if the last bag ever arrived throughout our Europe trip and the answer is no. We said it was better if they send it to Puerto Rico and avoid the possibility of having our bag lost further in Europe. If Dubrovnik, Croatia wants to develop as a tourist city because they have the potential and elements to do attract people from different parts of the world, they must improve the lost and found department of their airport.


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  1. Great description of your trip. I my mind I could see what your Mom and Dad were going through. So glad you all didn’t let that ruin your adventure. I shall be waiting for your next post.

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