Alpenzoo Innsbruck

There are many alternatives for spending a fun day in Austria like trying outdoor activities, booking tours or going to the zoo. If you are in Innsbruck, Austria, I recommend a visit to the Alpenzoo Innsbruck.

Alpenzoo serves you with a beautiful view of the Alps since it is one of the highest located zoos in Europe. Alpenzoo is also home to over 2000 animals (150 species) which are or have been typical of the Alps. The zoo has a big variety of mammals including bears and wolves among others. It has a show farm with a variety of breeds of farm animals. In the bird section it has at least 200 species of birds with owls and eagles calling all the attention. Alpenzoo is home to a few species of reptiles including snakes and lizards and species of amphibians like frogs. All of its reptiles and amphibians are alpine species. Visitors of the zoo will also have the experience to see a lot of species of alpine fishes.

In the end you will not be disappointed if you visit this zoo. My only recommendation for improvement, to attract more visitors in a future, is to have the information translated to English because foreign visitors will not be able to understand the information background of animals since it is written only in German and a lot of visitors might benefit from having the information translated to a well spoken language worldwide. Visit Alpenzoo website for more information and I will be posting some more recommendations of Innsbruck, Austria so stay tuned.



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  1. By reading your blog I can certainly tell you had a great time there. I am sure you and your family will never forget this adventure. Keep up the good work.

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