An Evening in Three Languages

After 8 hours driving it’s nice to sit down and relax, especially when you’ve been invited to an old man’s winery. There we were; my mom, dad, sister, and I all were sitting next to a friendly old couple that had invited us into their winery. The funny thing about it was that we only spoke Spanish and English and the couple spoke Croatian and roughly some Italian. The man served us all drinks, some alcoholic and some juice, and kept welcoming us even though it was very hard to communicate. It was the most random and funniest game of charades mixed with Google Translate but at least we got some ideas through. They kept offering my family more and more wine and my parents were trying their hardest to stay as sober as possible while acknowledging their hospitality and friendliness. That afternoon was turning into a unique experience and a most kept memory. When we started growing silent and the awkward stares started, ironically a couple arrived at the apartments and was invited to the winery with us. It was a young couple around their late 20s. The woman was named Morana and she was Croatian but spoke Spanish and Italian, apart from obviously Croatian, and her boyfriend was Italian. She was very friendly to all of us and became the new translator of the evening. The afternoon turned into the night as we spoke about every topic possible even with the challenges of speaking different languages. We even had a conversation in Spanish-Italian and understood each other. That night was so special because it brought together three different couples at different stages of life, with different cultures, who would not have met in another circumstance, and got them acquainted and even friends. For once it was not about the things that separated us as human beings but what we had in common as people. We accomplished a nice evening without bringing out our differences. June 3, 2016 will always be remembered as the night that three Croatians, an Italian, and four Puerto Ricans broke stereotype and had… an evening in three languages.


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  1. What a difference can be made by showing good faith and willingness to overcome barriers, language in this case. I’m sure it will be a memory for life.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I am so glad that you all had such a great time on your recent European vacation. The most important fact is that you were able to create such wonderful memories that the whole family will have forever and ever.

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