Driving Through the Adriatic Coast

From Dubrovnik to Rijeka, Croatia

Our stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia was a memorable one, but we were to take on other places in our vacation around Europe. Eight hours on the road were awaiting us, so that means I downloaded as much music as I could think of, the night before. At 10 a.m. on June 3, 2016 we checked out of our marvelous stay in Radisson Blu Hotel and left in a rental car.

When I was young I asked my parents if there was a town or city surrounded by water. They then, enlightened my mind with descriptions of Venice, Italy, a place they had visited a long time ago. I wanted to go and they promised that someday they would make that wish into reality.

Reality came in my first trip to Europe, where Venice became the second country I would visit, after Croatia.

My mom, dad, and sister, would all be traveling with me that morning and we would be followed by a friend of dad and her husband. The ride from Dubrovnik to Venice is long so we decided we were going to stop and spend the night in Rijeka, Croatia, which was a good starting point for the next day. We got in the car, the tires screeched, and we began our journey, saying our goodbyes to Dubrovnik.

We spotted a really cute little fruit market on the side of the road with a view of green plain fields afar, it was evident we were going to stop. Dad bought strawberries while mom was head over heels with a jar of honey with lavender. My dad’s friends also bought fruits for the road and again we set.

This time we were starting to get a little hungry and stopped at a market next to a hotel. The initial plan was to buy junk food for snacks like cookies and chips, but creativity hit our minds and we ended up giving the journey our own twist.

In the market they had about everything you can imagine. We bought mini toasts, cheese, and sliced sausage to share with everyone. Using the bags in the trunk as tables we laid back and enjoyed our snacks. I took pleasure in this and was instantly hit with a rush of emotions. Happiness swept over me as I looked at family and friends relishing the moment together. snack-to-rijeka-3snack-selfieThis is a clear example of the way the Matias travel. Relaxed and peaceful, making every second of every journey a memorable one. Whether we are doing big things or small things like these, they always stick to my heart. My parents have a special way of doing everything, like how we didn’t take the highway route and instead took the longer scenic route bordering the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Giving us the chance to experience breathtaking landscapes and views. That special way of things is the reason that I can afford to write a whole article, on what can be thought of, as a simple car ride.

That was until my little bubble was popped. Both cars were parked at the hotel parking and out came a woman mumbling things in another language, kicking us out. It was embarrassingly-funny, but at least we had just finished snacking and got on the road again.

Our ride from Dubrovnik to Rijeka also included entering Serbia and Montenegro and then, getting right out like nothing happened.

We made one more stop before Rijeka, to the gas station which had another market inside. Croatian fries are the best fries I’ve ever tasted. I ate my last there and let me tell you, they were amazing.

Upon reaching Rijeka, I did not know we were still in Croatia. I thought Rijeka was some part of Italy. One would think that after 8 hours on the road, at least I would get to breathe the Italian air. Excited about finishing the ride, I asked my parents if we were in Italy, only to find out that the whole long day was to get from Croatia to Croatia.

We were close to our apartments but were still looking for it, when my mom noticed an old man waiting at a gate. She said “I bet he is waiting for us.” We drove straight and the gate opened to a beautiful two story lodging house with vines and flowers coming from the second floor all the way down. Something appealing for anyone who saw it.

The man had, indeed, waited at the gate just for us. He called his wife and both of them welcomed us in a very friendly manner to the place. It was confusing because we all spoke different languages. They gave us our room key and invited us and our friends, who were not even staying in these apartments, into their winery. What happened in the winery came to be the craziest and most interesting evenings ever, but that’s for another story. In fact, one already written Visit Article

After that pleasant evening. We asked if they knew any restaurants nearby. The man told us about one and even got in his car to guide us there himself. He took us to a restaurant at the foot of the beach. They had practically closed operations for the day, but since they knew him they gladly took one last order.

Spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti carbonara. Everyone ordered the same thing, I guess we were already craving Italian. We devoured our meals and spent an awesome night before going back to the apartments and finishing it off, calling it a day. One of our very bests!


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  1. Another wonderful description of what seem like a beautiful place to visit. If I were younger I would surely put a visit to Dubrovnik in my bucket list.

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