El Salvador Part 1

During my sister’s childhood and teenage years, she traveled a lot to other countries to represent Puerto Rico in tennis or to individually play a tournament. She never traveled on her own. My parents and I traveled with her all the time.Of all of these tournaments she played, one of them stood out and is kept very close to my heart.

When my sister was 13 she had a tournament representing Puerto Rico in El Salvador. At that time my dad had a lot of work and couldn’t go the exact day that my sister was leaving so my mom went with her and my dad and I stayed a few days more. The day before we left, I realized that my sandals were scratched and both my dad and I wanted me look nice the next day, so my dad rushed to the store at night and told my mom, who was already in El Salvador. He bought the perfect sandals so I would look nice. The next day was very important because we had a very long and hectic day. My dad had a job meeting and he was bringing me because after it we were heading straight to the airport. We arrived at the meeting, I entered and sat next to him and I even got a coke. I played on my PSP and about halfway through the meeting people noticed my presence and realized that I was not a part of the actual meeting, I was someones daughter.

My mom was anxiously waiting for us to arrive in El Salvador. We had a flight from Puerto Rico to Panama and from there to El Salvador in Copa Airlines. We finally arrived at night to the hotel and they called my mom to be sure that she allowed us to enter. My mom waited for us at the room door and ran as she saw us with tears running down her face. She hugged me so hard I could swear something in my body cracked and that was only the beginning of a very special trip. *El Salvador Part 2  has been published in Tips and Suggestions.*Be sure to subscribe to the blog on my homepage or on any page to get an email when I post El Salvador Part 2 and other writings.



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  1. Gaby, I am so happy you and your sister have such fond memories with your dad and “gracis a Dios” you will continue to make more. Treasure each and everyone of them. They will last a lifetime. That is something I always longed for, but I made sure your mom and her siblings had a great dad to make wonderful memories with. Both of you have been blessed twice, because you also have a devoted and loving mom and lots of wonderful memories with her. DTBM.

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