El Salvador Part 2: La Gran Via

El Salvador was a completely surprising country for me. We stayed at the hotel Courtyard of the Marriot chain. Walking distance from the hotel, was La Gran Via, a shopping mall and lifestyle center. La Gran Via had stores, restaurants, cinema, and more.

In the morning you could enjoy an amazing breakfast like the delicious “huevos rancheros” with sweet fried plantains and “casamiento.” By “casamiento” I don’t mean getting married, I am talking about a bean and rice dish in El Salvador. Be sure to try their variety of very fresh juices and incredible coffee that will sure give you a heads up at the start of the day along with delicious ripe fruits.

For lunch and dinner, you can have your pick from the amount of menus of different places including national and international restaurants. If you’re into Salvadoran food, then do not forget to try their traditional dish “pupusa”, which is made of corn tortilla and usually filled with other ingredients (scroll to see picture). From Salvadorian to Japanese to Chilis, there’s got to be something for everyone. Be aware that going to El Salvador will be like going to your grandma’s house, where you can eat a lot and talk to friendly people.


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It is so beautiful to just walk around La Gran Via at sundown or at night and experience all types of feelings. The advantage we had was that from the hotel room window we could see all this beauty.

La Gran Via is not only limited to food and shopping; it also has entertainment. One night when my mom was alone she went to the movies to see The Blind Side. Another night I went to an attraction with my family where I got inside a big plastic ball inside a pool and it was very fun. There were also more attractions that I enjoyed like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and zip lining. I haven’t been to El Salvador in a long time so I don’t know how much the attractions have changed and if they are still there.

El Salvador is a beautiful country to visit. Not only go to La Gran Via but also to its other touristic places. For us our time was limited because our reason for visiting El Salvador was a tournament my sister had but after getting around the country it really surprised me. A good fact about the place is how well they embrace their culture and how educated they are on their origins, something my mother came across when a young adult broke down the whole story to her. Whether you are on vacation, business or for whatever reason it is that you are visiting El Salvador, don’t miss out on the beautiful touristic places it has.






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  1. Hi, once again your information is very interesting. Your description of the food sounds amazing. I can almost taste it. Seems that you really enjoying doing all the activities you were able to try. What a great experience. I also think it is so good that the people of El Salvador are so knowledgeable on their history and that they transmitted to the tourist that visit their country. I wish that we could do the same. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your support and will continue to write more posts and yes, my experience in El Salvador was definitely a memorable one.

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