Enchanted by Cavtat, Croatia

Croatia, like many other countries, has peaceful areas where you can relax while admiring its enticing beauty. Around ten minutes from the Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia you will come across the town of Cavtat. To get to the bay you have to walk for a while across stone paths and stairs. This is one of the most breathtaking moments, seeing the narrow paths, the ancient architecture on the walls and the vintage-looking houses with their blossoming gardens and beautiful vines sprouting from the roofs and fences. Once you are in the bay, the area is surrounded by many restaurants, banks, markets and little shops. There is an old-looking church at one end. Cavtat is the ideal place to take a stroll with your family and interact with people. You will experience a glimpse of a different lifestyle, one with no rush or stress, just relaxed people living the moment. As you walk, you will experience the beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and see different types of boats and yachts anchored to the shore. This view is incredible and not worth being told in words, you have to visit to understand.

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There will come a moment when hunger hits and their restaurants offer a variety of options. Their menus are too diverse to name, but most of them generally include fish, pastas, pizzas, local wines and beers. So just sit back, enjoy the sunset and don’t forget to try their recommended local beer Ožujsjo.dsc_0005

Cavtat, Croatia is just the place for that weekend getaway, that honey moon you’ve always planned or that family vacation that’s been on your mind for a while. If by chance you are visiting Croatia, don’t even question your visit to Cavtat. That peaceful serene environment is what you need in your busy life, trust me. I hope that by now you are scribbling on your travel bucket list and buying boarding passes, so I’ll just leave you at it, but remember me when you’re sitting back watching the sunset and thinking what a good life this is.




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  1. Reading the story I was literary there in my mind,remember my self 2 years ago I was there,relax walk in old town on the coast of beatifull Adriatic see,thank you to put my memories back,see you in Adriatic cafe Moca!

    1. Thank You for your comment, I really enjoyed my time there. It was beautiful and peaceful. There are more writings to come on Croatia and other places around the world so if you liked it, I invite you to subscribe and read my other writings.

  2. You have described Cavtat, Croatia so exquisitely that I can almost feel the breeze in my face while watching the sunset and smell all the aromas of the restaurants you have mentioned. I really hope I get a chance to see such a beautiful and peaceful place.

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