A Family Tradition: Steak’n Shake

Ever since The Matias have been traveling together we make our own memories, marking every place we visit and leaving a trail of our family behind. Throughout the years we’ve established our own traditions and must-do’s for every trip. If there’s a place we cannot miss on any trip, it’s definitely the emblem of my family: Steak’n Shake.

Steak’n Shake is a restaurant chain, a cross between  a sit-down diner and a to-go fast food with very affordable prices. As we sit down with our menus, I am struck with the never-ending wave of indecision as for the famous steak burger or the chicken tenders; perhaps change it all choosing from the options of the most difficult to eat yet struggle-worthy hotdogs. You can never forget the fries that go along with them, the thinnest and most delicious fries ever, my favorite ones indeed. They have an assortment of their hand-dipped, all-time specialty, shakes. We never fail to order one classic vanilla shake every time we go.

It doesn’t matter how old I am, I will always leave the place wearing the Steak’n Shake paper hat. While sitting down everything seems to combine to make the perfect moment, to arouse utter happiness inside me, conveyed not by the food we eat but the special tradition we create every time we go.

We’ve stopped at Steak’n Shake in many states including Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, just to name a few. Steak’n Shake is one of the most special restaurants for me not just because of its delicious food and shakes but because all that implies; keeping up with the tradition , the menu indecision, the laughs and the memories. It holds a dearest place in my heart along with my favorite people in this world, my supportive companions and my adventure buddies, my family…

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