Happy Fathers Day!

We can be gazing upon the Alps of Austria or simply embracing the view of the sunset from our front window, needless to say, there are always two hard workers behind it all, my mom and dad.

As fathers day approaches I cannot fail to recognize the hero behind my greatest memories and joys. A father who wakes up early to travel 2 hours every day, back and forth so we can have a roof over our heads and food in the table. A father who can be exhausted from work but takes time and pleasure in organizing even the smallest of trips so long as we stand together.

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida

My father, Ramon Matias, is the engine of our amazing trips. He is all, my leader, map, driver and father. He can spend countless nights trying to choose the perfect places for our vacations because traveling with us is truly his biggest pride.

Venice, Italy

La Jolla, San Diego

He is our tour guide, taking us through every corner of every place; He is our photographer, catching the perfect moments; and the happiest man at the sight of what he’s beholding.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

We can walk through big cities and even lose our way but it’s his hand that will always make me feel safe.

My father always makes the best of any trip, whether in a different continent or in our own hometown, awakening my utmost craving for adventure. It is those little memories made possible by my hardworking dad, that make me rich. Rich in love and family. So when my dad stares at the Alps with a wine on hand or looks down at the canals from Venice and is unable to withhold his smile, don’t mind him because he is one hell of a dad with a heart full of gold, missing from a lot  of our pictures only because he is the one standing behind taking them.

3 Replies to “Happy Fathers Day!”

  1. Gaby, you make your daddy the happiest and proudest man today…I know because i was with him when he read your post.

  2. OMG your dad must be brusting at the seams of his clothes with pride (debe estar inflado de orgullo).How wonderful for a teenage daughter to have such wonderful memories and to be able to express them with such grace and love. I thank God for having given my daughter such a great man as the father of her children. Keep up the good work.

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