Hidden Treasure in California

Irvine Regional Park

It was on a sunny noon in late December, while enjoying our stay in the west, that my family and I wandered into the foothills of the city of Orange, California for a scenic day of heart-tugging memories.

Irvine Regional Park is the ideal place to relax and appreciate Mother Nature. The park is surrounded by a grove of trees and a variety of wildlife with hiking trails that take you to beautiful landscapes and playgrounds. It is the perfect place for an outdoor picnic, a morning run, or a barbecue with great company. The complete de-stress therapy for a hectic state such as California.

There is a small railroad train that takes both children and adults through the wonders of the historic park. Irvine Regional Park also has their own zoo, the OC Zoo.

Bike Riding

As soon as we arrived, we started to appreciate the beauty of the park. We saw the train going a few times, saw the horse stables for the horse riding tours which was our initial plan if the weather had not ruined it. After getting acquainted with the place, we decided to rent bikes. We took a four-person surrey bike and rode for an hour into the biking trails.

The 80s rock blasted on full potential in my mini speaker as we pedaled away. My dad started driving at first but near the end, everyone, including myself, had taken a turn. The views we came across kindled my nature spirit. You looked left and right and saw beautiful patches of green stretched across the whole park. Taking a few turns here and there gets you to the stunning bodies of water just nestled with such perfection as to prove to you how wonderful nature is.

We rode with such a style, jamming along to Bon Jovi and Journey and pedaling hard, it was my paradise. We took many turns, came across a lake, across more trees and nature, across other families on their own adventures, and saw little kids having the time of their life with their family the same way I was. When it was time to go back, with our blasting music we made a Hollywood exit that made all employees turn heads.

The OC Zoo

After biking,  we went to the OC Zoo. It is a small but very quaint and beautiful zoo. It is home mostly to native southwestern animals including black bear, mountain lions, ocelots,  different birds, among them, the bald eagle, and many other species. The zoo entrance only costs two dollars and offers  a variety of incredible animals. It also has a barnyard with goats, sheep, pigs etc. There are coin machines from where you can buy food to feed the goats and it is the best and weirdest sensation ever. The zoo is not very big but it’s very cute and practical, a good addition to the environment of Irvine Park.


Whether you are in for a long walk or morning run, a biking adventure, a day to see wonderful animals, or to just contemplate on our nature, Irvine Regional Park is the place for you. The outdoor fun doesn’t stop, as there is so many things to do and explore. For me it wasn’t just about what I did but with whom I made those unforgettable memories, the type I will cherish forever.




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  1. My dear Gabi, in you writing you have such a wonderful gift, that I can almost hear and smell the ambience you are describing. Such beautiful memories, they will last you a lifetime. I shall be waiting for you next essay.

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