Home is Where the Heart is

There is a factor that makes every vacation an unforgettable one. The fact that regardless of how far we are, we make it feel like home.

Marriot Residence Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites have always taken a role on our family vacations, never failing to evoke the feeling of home. What for some is just a temporary stay, for us is a heart touching memory. Both hotels stand out for their “making you feel at home concept.” Although we mostly go out to eat when we are in a trip, there is always a day where we stay in, as mom wants to cook a special meal for us. We always have a menu set for hotel nights. There is not a thing that unites us more as family than watching the sunset fade into dusk as we huddle together for a taste of home. Better yet, when we fit the four of us into the seemingly tight couch to see a movie together. Having the concept of home imprinted in my heart is the reason I have a story for everything we do.

While a restaurant would suffice, it could never be able to arouse the same feelings within me that I get when we eat at our hotel room together. The feelings of nearly having to push each other in order to fit or of my mom’s delicious Puerto Rican meal steaming hot, when served in our plate, ready to be devoured.

Giving our flare to every trip makes all my never-ending memories. My mom’s comfort food and the four of us tightly pressed together gives a sense of being back home. We can be visiting my sister in college, traveling around the US, celebrating Christmas Eve in San Diego, traveling in Germany, in Venice, or in Croatia, anywhere in the world… my mom and dad always have their way of making us feel like home with our hotel stay and special dinners. The most important thing in a vacation is not the destination but the memories and adventures that can come from even the slightest things. A reason as to why the mere act of dinner together in our hotel room, kindles my heart of happiness.

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  1. Your are so sweet remembering your mom’s like “home cooked meals”. I am sure she must be feeling pretty proud of having created such important memories for you and your sister. Keep up the good work,

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