A Horseback Riding Adventure

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Traveling abroad can be extremely fun and overwhelming, but when you have great company you don’t need to travel far to make special memories, especially when you live in the land of beautiful beaches and jaw-dropping sunsets.

On a special day, we woke with the desire for adventure, to do something we had never done before, and what better way than by uncovering the beauty within our own country. We drove a few minutes up north to arrive at the town of Isabela, in the northwestern region of Puerto Rico. This was going to be my first time riding a horse and I was excited about it. We were welcomed with generosity in Tropical Trail Rides and given a simple guide. They picked the right horses for us and explained the basics; it wasn’t long before we embarked on the 2-hour adventure.

I was riding a beautiful brown horse by the name of “Canela” with whom by the end of the journey Id gotten attached to. The horses were well trained and docile, perfect for any beginners and our guide, very instructive and nice. We rode through incredible two-story houses with hedges as fences, secluded from the town by the beautiful nature surrounding them and the wonderful view of the beach afar. We went down slopes and followed meandering paths well acquainted by our horses. We rode across tall grasses, shrubs, and the tropical forest depriving us of the beach view for a while, with horses that didn’t even need guiding; all but my sister’s which was apparently hungry, stopping every thirty feet to feed herself. We took many turns, rode over small bodies of water, until at last we emerged from the tall plants with the full view of the illuminated Puerto Rican sun, and landed on the sand of the beautiful Survival Beach.

Our horses took a break, and my sister’s, as usual, kept eating, while we stretched our legs on the shore of this impressive beach. For around 15 minutes, sauntering through the peaceful ambience procured by the shore and the serene beach stretching far until it met the blazing midday sun, scorching our faces; a pure embodiment of Puerto Rico. Family pictures were taken by our guide standing on rocks and inside their caves. Before departing, the guide took a picture of my whole family on our horses. Surrounded by nature yet again, we embarked on the other half of the journey; the returning.

Upon arriving, both us and our horses were tired. I got down from my horse and waved goodbye at my beautiful Canela, concluding our 2-hour weekend adventure.

There are so many things waiting to be uncovered right in our backyard and choosing to make special memories, within such a beautiful country, with the best of company will be forever cherished and remembered. It changes the pattern and adds a touch of spirit and excitement into our lives, as we come to terms with what our nature has to offer. It was my ultimate first time horseback riding experience and I am certain that I will return to Tropical Trail Rides to make the most heart fulfilling memories, with the most special of people, and allow my soul to be marked forever, carrying the print of an unforgettable life.

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  1. What a wonderful experience! One more to add to your book of life. One of my many wonderful experiences is reading your blogs, and knowing that all you write about is truly genuine and not fiction. I am so happy that you and your older sister have lived and accumulated a lifetime of wonderful memories. Keep up the good work.

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