The Jewels of La Jolla

In the winter of 2015, I spent one of best days of my life in an amazing vacation in Las Vegas and then California. I made unforgettable memories in every instant of that trip and soon it started coming to an end. Just as we were leaving San Diego, California to go back to Las Vegas for the last days of our vacation, we stopped by the famous community of La Jolla.

As soon as we parked, I caught a taste of the beautiful scenery and the smell of the ocean. It was a calm midmorning as we walked downhill for a view of the beach. The December breeze breaking through our coats, causing shivers in our bodies as we kept on walking. The place was filled with small restaurants, outdoor cafes and quaint shops. It wasn’t much before the view unfolded and I was left in awe.

The sight itself was enough to disregard the cold I felt. In the distance, the morning surfers were catching the daily waves of the Pacific Ocean, while further away was a faint glimpse of the other side of town and to my right, an alluring view of birds perched on the stunning sea caves of La Jolla. Everything was beautiful and the environment so serene that I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it must feel to take morning walks every day gazing upon the rising sun with a coffee on hand or the evening strolls while watching the perfect sunset.

We kept on sauntering through the Ellen Browning Scripps Park and found out that we weren’t the only ones indulging on the beautiful day. All through La Jolla you could catch sight of many seals getting their “tans” and “naps” and I must add, that I haven’t seen a creature half as lazy as them stretched out on the coasts like they were that day. Many people, us included, jumped over the fences of the coast, unto big rocks only to take pictures next to these peculiar animals.

It was our last day in San Diego before we drove back to Las Vegas and we couldn’t have chosen a better place to enjoy it. Now I understand why this place is mentioned so much in movies. Every tiny detail, from the perching birds and the snoozing seals, build up to what is the charm of La Jolla, San Diego and when spent with the perfect company, the memories will forever be cherished.

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  1. Beautifully written so well described that I can almost smell the saltiness of the sea. I can tell that you really enjoyed this trip. Again I say, “keep up the good work”.

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