A Joyful Morning in Garmisch

There is not a moment of bigger stress than that of challenging your fears and no bigger happiness than standing above it, with a smile on your face, while enjoying the ride.

Every single day in our vacation in Germany took a part of my heart. One of the days we decided to switch things up and embark on a mini adventure that would please us all. While the cold and snowy winters of Germany arise fun activities like skating and sleighing, the summers don’t stay behind.

We started by visiting the famous 1936 winter Olympic ski jumping hill, the “Große Olympiaschanze,” which is the very site of numerous historic events and the filming location of the movie “Eddie the Eagle.” The four ski jumps that have made it such a popular site were mind blowing even in the summer season.

It was in the same morning of June when we arrived at “Sommerrodelbahn am Skistadion Garmisch-Partenkirchen,” where I would have one of the best adventures of my life. Soon I would be riding a sled at full speed down a winding path in Garmisch, Germany. My dad had experienced it almost 30 years ago when he lived in Germany for 3 months and when we had the opportunity to visit he wanted us to experience it as well.

Dad riding 30 years ago

There was hardly any line as we got there and soon enough I was on a sled, being carried upward. During those slow minutes where my back was completely against my sled, inclined upwards, I started to contemplate how high it seemed and started to get nervous. With the fear of engaging on something I’d never done before and the normal, pessimistic human thought of my sled falling from the rail, I conquered the scariest part: the going up.

As soon as my sled fixed straightened itself, I felt the strongest desire to enjoy the whole ride. It rode a few seconds straight and then pushed by gravity, went down the winding slopes of the toboggan run at full speed.


Nothing can compare to those little minutes where my heart skipped a beat, wanting to jump out of my chest and the wind blowing hard upon my face. For a few minutes, all the world’s problems just faded away, I realized that all I needed was this uncontrollable smile on my face to cure everything; It was the best sensation ever!

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Soon, I arrived at the bottom and finished my ride. Still charged with excitement, all of us were narrating our stories and in the end, we decided to ride again because the experience of it all was worth it.

They were just simple adventures on a plain morning, but it filled me and my family with feelings that will last forever, because every time I think about the journey to the bottom, my heart glows with happiness and my mind with beautiful memories.

**Photo credits of the third picture: http://www.sommerrodelbahn-gap.de/

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