Longest Ride

Feeling every emotion at once. A mix of sad with my happy music, wanting for time to stop sometimes. How come when you’re happy time passes by quickly and when you’re sad it feels like forever? Still knowing the fact that it goes by at the same rate in both cases, why do our hearts and minds trick is into believing that? Here I am in a car thinking about the past months’ countdowns and fun activities we went through and now it has all passed by like when a surfer catches the best wave, after the excitement, it all ends. A wave is just a wave and you might catch it sometimes but you won’t always live in your wave, it will at some point end. I had a full month with her and now is where the wave ends, my wave ends. I’m in a car with her knowing that in a few hours I will have to say goodbye and knowing that I won’t see her daily as I got used to this past month. I won’t be able to wake her up everyday with my guitar, or watch movies with her as often. I won’t be forced to listen over and over to her favorite song (Ed Sheeran- Thinking out loud) which I now know all the lyrics to. Now is where I’ll get sad because I won’t see her everyday. But I’m blessed to have her in my life, to know that everything she’s worked for was worth it, and I know she’ll do great this semester. I’m so proud to call this freshman, UCF Tennis player, my sister. When we leave her at the airport today I know that I will feel a hole in my heart. But I will see her again soon and that cheers me up even if I’m having a bad day, the thought of our family all together again cheers me up. Before I know it I’ll be with her again..


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  1. Gaby me siento tan orgullosa de ti, eres hermosa escribes espectacular y tienes unos sentimientos increíbles, no pude evitar que mi voz se quebrara y las lágrimas corrieran por mi rostro. Simplemente hermoso

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