Lunch in Innsbruck

Traveling from Venice, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria is a unique experience where you get to cross the Austrian Alps and see beautiful places. It is not a very long journey but in a vacation where you are traveling a lot, it can be exhausting. After getting set up in the hotel room in Innsbruck, our next mission was finding a place to eat since we had not eaten lunch. It was around 3:00-4:00 pm and we were really tired but too hungry to give up. We walked together through the streets of Innsbruck but were struggling to find a place to eat. After reaching a point where even the worst fast food sounded appetizing, we came across a street that had a place to eat. It was a sports bar restaurant that looked like it was closed but when we asked they told us that we could come in. We ordered food out of the 3 options in the menu and waited impatiently for it to arrive so we could devour it.

It’s impressing how experiencing different cultures can make you wonder so much and question the way you’ve always done things. I have always been to restaurants and ordered quickly, eat my food, pay the check and leave, but in Austria it was different. The lifestyle was so relaxed compared to America. Not one person in that restaurant was using their phones or in a hurry, they were enjoying the moment and socializing. Being that day, in that particular restaurant, made me realize that sometimes the stress and hurry makes people forget to live the moment or miss out on things right in front of them.

A few tables from ours, were a group of ladies sitting down and laughing at stories while they had drinks. In another table was a man having a conversation with the waiter that had just gotten our order. There wasn’t a lot of people in that restaurant, but it was the type of place that made you feel like home, even when home, at that moment, was in the other side of the world.

All of our food orders where amazingly good. My mom ordered “Tiroler Knödel in Suppe” which is bacon dumplings with soup, and my dad ordered a “Frankfurter” that, I have to say, was super delicious. Both my sister and I, ordered “Cordon Bleu” with fries and a side salad. A good thing about the place was that it didn’t need many items on the menu, it had about four different solid plates that anyone could enjoy at very affordable prices.

After we were fed and left the restaurant, we kept walking and reached a plaza that had a lot of places to eat, ironically, but I believe we came across this one first for a reason and it is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. A tip if you are traveling in Europe is to stop and eat whenever you are hungry and see a place because it’s not the same as in America, where you have your food available at any time of the day. You could have a hard time finding a place to eat, which is what happened to us, and when you’re traveling, always remember to take a moment to experience the culture and lifestyles of that place, in order to enjoy the trip at its fullest.



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  1. I enjoyed your story a lot, I have always thought that you have to taste the food of the country you are visiting to get a real feeling of the place and it’s people. That is something I always tried to do. My only recommendation is to just make sure of what you are eating. Many countries have a taste for things that are not on our menu.
    When I went to China our guide made it very clear to us, that in China they ate everything that had four legs except that table. Can you imagine everything that has four legs? That was a real eye opener for me. I was so happy that before the trip I had prepared a little picture album with all the proteins that I ate. I even had other people from our group borrowing my picture album. Even so we enjoyed our trip just as you have enjoyed all of yours.

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