My Famous Giraffe Backpack

Throughout your life there are certain things that will always have sentimental values to you which other people might not understand. It’s that teddy bear that helped you overcome your fears at night, or that shirt you can never throw away because your grandma bought it for you even though it doesn’t fit you anymore, maybe even that certificate or award that represents countless nights of hard work and no sleep; well, for me it is my giraffe backpack.


His name is Jeffrey and I remember all of my experiences with him. It is a simple backpack with a giraffe neck popping from its front pocket. This backpack has traveled around different countries in different trips and always carried my “entertainment.” In every trip where my sister was to play tennis, I would always carry my famous backpack. Everyone remembered Jeffrey and asked about him if I forgot to bring him one day. Inside was always my PSP with all of my games and the charger, some travel versions of games like checkers and connect 4, playing cards among other games, and always my snacks, which consisted of a juice and a pack of Oreos.

New York 2012 (Last time I brought Jeffrey)

New York 2012 (Last time I brought Jeffrey)

My famous backpack traveled to every trip that I had, from US, to Dominican Republic, to El Salvador, where I always stuffed it with packs of golden Oreos. Jeffrey got lost in Texas, but everyone knew me for my famous backpack and someone found it and got it returned to me. I believe I also lost it in Puerto Rico but it came back to me, like always. Countless times my mom repaired it when the seams got loose. In the summer of 2012, I traveled to Virginia in one of the best trips of my life and I obviously didn’t leave Jeffrey behind. The last trip I brought him was New York that same year in December where I didn’t get to use him that much because of the tight schedule and planned activities we had.

As of 2016, I don’t currently travel with my backpack but I always remember him as part of my childhood and when I stopped carrying him, it represented a milestone of my coming of age. I then started going into teen hood and started using other accessories rather than my popular backpack but that doesn’t mean I got rid of him. Jeffrey is staring at me right now as I am writing this piece on him and our journeys and adventures together. He played a very important role in my childhood and if I am asked which is my most valuable possession, after my family and friends, my answer would be Jeffrey.

P.S. Guess what! I’m going next Thursday to Florida to visit my sister and I am planning on bringing him to make The Return of Jeffrey


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  1. So glad you are going to visit your sister. Tell her we send our love. I will always remember your backpack, you even forgot it once when you came to visit us. Your mom called as soon as you notice it was missing and told us to secure it. The next day it was back in your possession. If a certain giraffe/backpack were to have feelings, it would be very excited to know that it will be back on the road with you. I hope you have a lot of fun and are able to make more memories with your special giraffe/backpack. DLBM.

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