Neuschwanstein Castle for Tourists

Where is the Neuschwanstein Castle?

Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s castles in Disneyland Hong Kong, Paris, and California are inspired and based on a castle from Germany?

When you are traveling in the south of Germany something that will definitely get your attention is the amount of castles. Out of the castles you can see, one of them stands out and it is one of the most famous castles in the world. Bavaria, Germany is home to the Neuschwanstein Castle artwork of King Ludwig II.

King Ludwig II: His Obsession

Neuschwantein Castle was commenced in 1869 by King Ludwig II, the “Fairy tale King.” Ludwig was a great admirer of Richard Wagner, a famous and controversial German composer, and was obsessed with his operas.

King Ludwig II. Credits: Joseph Albert

King Ludwig II. Credits: Joseph Albert

One of his first actions as king was to summon Wagner to his court. The relationship benefited both of them because if it wasn’t for Ludwig, Wagner might not have gained the fame that later built up to make him a controversial figure. For Ludwig, Wagner served as inspiration in the construction of his castle.

Ludwig created the castle in honor of Wagner’s work. This is reflected in a lot of the rooms of the castle.

Ludwig started growing dangerously obsessed with Wagner’s work and began to live in his own fantasy world. The mad king was also obsessed with building his castles so much that he supposedly started to neglect his royal duties.

It is said that Ludwig brought Bavaria to a point of bankruptcy and the only way to take him off his throne was for him to be diagnosed ill enough to not be able to rule. The plan to remove him from his throne was achieved in 1866 when he was declared mentally insane by four separate, government-sanctioned psychiatrists.

King Ludwig II: His Death

King Ludwig’s body was found dead in Lake Starnberg alongside his psychiatrist, Dr. Gudden, just days after being removed from the throne.

Theories have been going around for years as to what was the cause of his death. A lot of people claim it was murder, others claim he murdered his psychiatrist and then committed suicide, and others say he drowned.

The exact reason of death has not been confirmed but all we know is that a crazy king and a conspiracy to get him deposed didn’t mix up well.

Dr. Gudden, psychiatrist who has found dead alongside King Ludwig. Credit: Unknown

Dr. Gudden, psychiatrist who has found dead alongside King Ludwig. Credit: Unknown

Neuschwanstein Castle for Tourists

We might never know for sure if King Ludwig II was crazy, but there’s no debating the fact that he was extremely talented . He designed this castle with a medieval look but a state of the art technology in the interior. The castle was not finished at his time of death, only 14 rooms were finished, and it’s not completely finished to this day.

When you arrive you have to get tickets for both the bus that’s going to take you and for the castle. The bus ride is not long but after they drop you off you still have to walk some 10-15 more minutes to finally arrive at the beautiful castle. You have to wait for your tour number and then take the tour of the legendary castle. Beware you are not allowed to take pictures once you are inside the castle.

Neuschwantein Castle

Neuschwantein Castle on a rainy day.

Neuschwanstein Castle has been for decades one of the most famous castles of Europe and is used as inspiration for some of the Disneyland parks castles, specifically the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong, Paris, and California.

If you are visiting Germany one stop you have to make is this one. Not everyone gets to experience the majestic beauty of this castle but if you get the chance to visit Germany someday, you must embark this journey.




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  1. Thanks for all the information you provided. I went to that castle many years ago, but it is always nice to read something that will refresh our memory. Keep up the good work.

  2. Saludos Gabriela:
    Te felicito por tu blog. A mi también me apasiona viajar y he podido ir a este castillo. Era para mi uno de mis grandes deseos y fue para el 2006 que tuve la gran experiencia de pisar el castillo. Fue para mi impresionante desde que lo percibí desde el auto, me emocioné tanto que lo que hice fue gritar. Más aún para mi mayor alegría, mi hijo reservó una habitación en el hotel que queda justo al frente y verlo de noche fue espectacular. Gracias le doy a Dios porque me dio esta oportunidad junto a mi hijo y su familia.
    Te auguro mucho éxito en tu blog y muchos momentos felices porque el recordar los viajes es uno de los mayores placeres que puede tener un amante de viajar.
    Dios te bendiga.
    Te saluda tu bibliotecaria en línea, Sra. Amelia Acevedo

    1. Gracias Amelia, sí la experiencia fue única y lo mejor fue que la disfruté con mi familia. Me alegra que te haya gustado el blog y te invito a que leas los varios “posts” que he publicado. Cuídate y que Dios te bendiga.

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