New York: My Mom’s Bucket List

My parents had traveled to New York a couple of times without us and enjoyed their experience, but my mom had always wanted to travel to New York with the whole family. We went together to New York when I was a little, but it was only for a day, so this time I was really excited when the plan started taking shape in the fall of 2012. My dad enjoys planning vacations and he took some time carefully planning this one to make it special. My grandma and grandpa from my mother’s side joined in for the trip. My eldest cousin who had started college that semester, joined in as well at the last minute, and the only thing we needed was to complete my mom’s bucket list to give this vacation its special twist. My mom always dreamed of taking my sister and I to New York in Christmas time and for that trip she wanted to fulfill three things. She wanted to take us to Broadway to watch a play, she wanted to take us ice skating in Christmas, and she wanted to take us to watch the Radio City’s Rockettes Christmas Spectacular Show.

Mamma Mia on Broadway

dsc_0644On December 20, 2012 we went to Broadway to see the Mamma Mia play. Since we were little, my cousins, my sister and I watched the movie countless times, but every time they were showing it, we would watch it again with as much enthusiasm. In the end we knew every song by heart and every line of the of script. It was in my grandma’s house that we used to watch it and being able to see the actual play with my family was really special. I was left amazed after watching it. I thought the play to be better than the movie. I would definitely recommend it, if it wasn’t for the fact that after many years of success, its last performance on Broadway was on September of 2015.

Ice Skating in NYC


Wollman Rink in Central Park

When you’re in New York City in Christmas it’s only right to have the experience of ice skating. It was also one of those to-do things that my mom wanted to accomplish in our vacation. We went to the Rockefeller Center rink which is decorated beautifully with a Christmas tree in front, for winter season. Another iconic ice skating rink is the Wollman Rink in Central Park. Several movies have been filmed there including one that mom loves, Serendipity. My sister, my cousin, and I, ice skated there. It was packed with people but the waiting time wasn’t too long, also the admission was free. The experience of ice skating in Central Park in Christmas was an unforgettable one. We were getting closer to completing my mom’s dreams.

Radio City’s Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

My mom and dad had already been to the Rockettes Christmas Show when my sister and I were little. That time we stayed behind in Puerto Rico and my mom was only wondering how much we would’ve enjoyed that show. On 2012 when we got the opportunity to visit New York City as family, it was one of our plans, to see the show. The Christmas Spectacular was beautiful, filled with dancing, music, and the magic of Christmas. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will enjoy the show like a little kid, as it is appealing to all ages and worth your night in NYC.

We accomplished all three of my mother’s dreams. That vacation was unforgettable from the very start to the end, when we were in the airport to return to Puerto Rico and realized that my cousin, who had joined at the last minute, bought his return boarding ticket for the same day of the next month. I knew he enjoyed the trip, but not that he wanted to stay until January! The vacation was also special because my grandparents took on the journey with us. I hope to take my future children to accomplish the same bucket list my mom had, and to create memories that run deep in their veins.




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  1. Great job on describing NYC, the city in Christmas truly is amazing. So many things to do and see and eat. So many shows to watch, ice-skating on the Rockefeller is a definite must. Wait, how do I know all of this? Oh thats right, I was there!

    Definitely looking forward to another escape to the big city (especially if its on Christmas time).

  2. My darling Gaby, reading your blog makes me remember that experience, and the fun we had. All the wishes that your mom had made our trip to New York so much fun. Your grandfather and I still remember all that we were able to do and see in such a short time. Now and then we still bring up something that happened and laugh. We have gone on many trips, but that one goes down as a very special one.

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