Pane e Coperto

Italy is known for their amazing food, ranging from pizza and pasta to gelato, but when visiting Italy it’s important to select the right restaurant for you and to be aware of extra charges. By extra charges I am talking about “coperto”, one of the most controversial topics of restaurants from Italy. “Pane e coperto” is an extra charge for every person that sits in the restaurant to eat and literally stands for “bread and tableware”. “Coperto” and tip are not the same thing and are not to be confused or paid believing it’s the other. The important thing to be aware of, is that depending on the restaurant, the total “coperto” amount could equal the meal of an individual.

Restaurants decide what their “coperto”  is or whether to actually charge it. In restaurants in Italy their menus have specified the price of coperto per person if it is not free. The price can vary according to the city and how touristic it is. Usually restaurants that don’t have “coperto” advertise it in order to attract more people because lets face it, people don’t really like to pay more.

In conclusion, you make the decision of going to a restaurant that charges it or going to one that doesn’t but its important to remember that “coperto” is part of Italian culture and should not be a reason to not visit this beautiful country.





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  1. How strange for us to take this in mind, but if that’s what they do. We either take it or go elsewhere. Thanks for the tip.

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