Red Rock Canyon

One city that’s on everyone’s bucket list is Las Vegas. With endless entertainment, casinos, shows, and hotels that break the normal standard, no one can say that Las Vegas is not a place for anyone. Even with all the crazy and fun environment, sometimes people want to try something different. If you wander around 30 minutes from  Las Vegas Strip, the popular area of Nevada, you will reach the famous Red Rock Canyon.

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park is one of the very popular visits of Las Vegas, Nevada. It offers a nature centered experience which includes rock climbing, hiking trails, scenic drives, a visitor center that contains a lot of historical background on the conservation park, and more. I have visited the Red Rock Canyon and can say that the view was so impressive that my mind had  its own optical illusion. A fact mentioned above, which attracts people, is the canyon’s proximity with the very own Las Vegas Strip, making it very accessible for tourists.

The beautiful view of the canyon

The beautiful view of the canyon

Red Rock is unique for its geologic features like plants and animals that portray the features of the Mojave Desert, the desert that goes from California to Nevada and even to some parts of Utah and Arizona. This makes the conservation park an attraction for scientists especially geologists.

If you’re not in a casino or street mood you should change your plans of your stay in Vegas and visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park. Get in touch with our nature and learn to appreciate the spectacular views that our world has to offer. Trust me, it won’t be a waste of time and to maximize the adventure, you should take the journey with family or friends, after all, the trick to having a good time is to spend it with good company no matter where you go.



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  1. I really enjoy the way you describe each and everyone of the places you have been to in your travels. I can almost see what you are describing. It must be amazing to turn to your right and see one awesome view and look to your left and see another totally different view. Keep up the good work.

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