Restaurant Logos in Cavtat, Croatia

That moment when you try to act adventurous but hunger clouds your senses and takes away your desire to explore. Well after being in 3 different flights and finally reaching our destination, who could blame us? We were starving and after checking out a few restaurants in downtown Cavtat, Croatia, we decided on the first one we had seen, Restaurant Logos. The menu was affordable and of quality. I ordered a spaghetti carbonara which was really delicious and under 10.00 US Dollars. It was the type of place that you could just sit down and relax while looking at the afternoon slip away into the night. The waitress was super friendly and so nice that she convinced us to go back there. People who went to that restaurant stayed for hours just relaxing and enjoying the day. Sometimes feelings rush your body because you are in the right place with the right people and that’s what I felt as I was eating and talking with my family that night. So the next day we didn’t fail to have breakfast there and they didn’t fail to impress us. I had pancakes with ice cream and my dad had an omelet. The breakfast was super good and a great way to start our journey through Croatia. Next time I visit Cavtat, Croatia, I will not fail on coming to Restaurant Logos to eat and enjoy good company along with friendly strangers.


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