Why Sin City is For Everyone

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City for the variety of entertainment for adults. It’s a place depicted in movies as a city where you gamble your life away, become rich by luck or poor by misfortune, and get married under such level of inebriation that you won’t even remember the next day. Such stereotypes lead to questioning of whether children or young adults would have fun in such a place.

The answer lies in the fact that Las Vegas has much more to offer than casinos and alcohol. When I turned 15 I didn’t ask for a big “quinceañero,” I just wanted to travel with my family in the most unique and special vacation of my life. I wanted to go to Las Vegas and my wish was granted, my birthday present was this trip to Las Vegas which we also combined with California, but that’s for another article.

Hotels as Attractions

A major attraction in Las Vegas is simple and clear: Hotels. The Las Vegas Strip is crammed with luxurious looking resort hotels. Most, if not all of these hotels, have huge casinos with venturing tourists gambling their money in hopes of earning more, designer shopping stores, and quality dining restaurants.

The main reason that Las Vegas hotels stand out is because they are not like any others. They completely break the standards featuring impressive attractions within each floor. Even more, the exterior of them marks every hotel making it more special and unique. Every hotel is different on the outside and just by looking at it you feel as if you’re in another country hidden under the big Las Vegas City.

There are a few of their hotels that recreate famous, highly-touristic cities like the New York New York, which copies New York style streets and alleys. From the outside, you see the towering buildings that have defined that city for so long and surrounding them is a cool roller coaster.

The Venetian copies the popular canals and bridges that live at the heart of the so called “Floating City” of Venice, Italy. The gondolas on the canals, a ceiling that gives the appearance of a real sky, changing from day to night along with the moving clouds, and unique Venetian entertainment gives you the ultimate sensation of strolling down the very streets of Venice.

The Paris in Las Vegas, rather than just imitating the streets of Paris, France, it also features a replica, standing in between buildings, of the magnificent Eiffel Tower with dinning places set on it.


The Circus Circus is the gateway to fun. At least, I wouldn’t stop talking about it after I went. It has an indoor amusement park with a few awesome rollercoasters, rides, and games to spend a wonderful day and a big circus, among everything else.

The Mirage, with its dolphin habitat and volcano show in the evenings, doesn’t stay behind. The Volcano Show is a spectacle of fire and explosions, and I can tell you that even from afar the burning sensation on your face will persist.

The Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel are known to astonish its viewers with a display of beautifully arranged fountains that rise as to dance with the music and lights, creating a remarkable intertwined aquatic extravaganza.

These hotels also offer different dining and premium shopping options. There are more worthy-of-a-visit hotels like Treasure Island, Cosmopolitan, MGM, Hard Rock, and Planet Hollywood, just to name a few. You just must do your research and go hotel sightseeing.

Despite their specific features for each one, all of them have a museum-sort of entrance. They have sculptures and art on the walls that scream “luxury” from the moment you enter.

Other Shows

The Las Vegas Strip has an incredible number of shows in different places throughout the year. Numerous artists perform like Britney Spears for example. Criss Angel, David Blaine, Penn and Teller and more magicians, have their own mind boggling shows right in Las Vegas. Many comedians, as well, have their place in the city with their shows. If you’re into where fun and colorful meets the abstract to create the perfect scene, while mixing together with the music, then Cirque du Soleil is recommended, in fact, there are many different Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas so you have your pick. Since the trip was my 15th birthday present, I had to make the choice of a show to see with my family. I wanted one where everyone would have a good time and I also went through the magician phase when I was a kid. Therefore, I chose the Criss Angel Mindfreak Show, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Apart from the stunning tricks, it was mixed with music and comedy, the perfect option for the whole family.

More Sightseeing

Outside of the crowded area of the Las Vegas Strip there are also wildlife-centered experiences. Visit Red Rock Canyon for the ultimate nature experience with scenic routes, rocks that shift from color to color–orange, brown, gray—and never fails to amaze the eye. Walk up to the rocks, climb them, and take pictures, appreciate nature. Go on hiking trails adventures, or perhaps, just enjoy the breathtaking view and the peace that comes along with it. Whatever you do it will be a great experience, even better if shared with loved ones. Be able to enjoy the city but also learn to enjoy and respect the nature-centered areas of places.

Where else in the world can you say, you’ve been to New York, Venice, and Paris all in one day? While other hotels serve just for resting and relaxing, hotels in Las Vegas break the mold, offering big casinos, recreating famous cities, entertainment, fine dining, shopping services, and more all under the same roof. There so many different shows to choose from. Whether magic, music, or comedy. Sin City also offers its nature conserved areas for a unique experience in Red Rock Canyon and in other places. Its remarkably amazing and emphasizes why Las Vegas not only offers entertainment for adults, but it can also be a magical place for children and young adults. There is not a place as fit, to make extraordinary memories where everyone has fun, as is Las Vegas.





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