Throwback in Time: Autocine Santana

Even with our busy lifestyles and different interests, sometimes it feels good to escape for a while, to change the pattern and do something new.

Picture by Picolo Mondo PR

Hidden at plain sight in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is the drive-in movie theatre, Autocine Santana, hoping to offer you the biggest of throwbacks and memories. Autocine Santana has been standing for over decades changing the lives of people by creating the most heartfelt memories. It is the only drive-in in Puerto Rico and people continue to sponsor it as a tradition and rite of passage making you feel like you’re traveling back in time but with a recent movie release. Just last week we went and we watched Rogue One.

Going my whole life speaks enough for my feelings toward it. As soon as we decide to go there, we start to follow our own unique protocol. 20 minutes before arriving we order takeout pizza at the same place, Poker Pizza. We order a large pizza and cheese bread sticks; we have strict orders of not opening the box until we arrive at the parking area of the drive-in. Then, the most torturing feeling comes by holding the hot box of pizza while hungry and not being allowed to eat yet. As soon as we arrive and park the car backwards upon finding a perfect spot in front of the huge screen, we start to prepare. Changing to the right station in the cars radio for the audio of the movie and starting our most special moments as a family. Everyone gathers their own outdoor folding chair and sits down to finally give in to hunger. Mom gives everyone a pizza, my sister serves the coke, dad opens the wine, and were all set.

Picture by Primera Hora

Autocine Santana shows a family movie and it feels so good to just relax, look to the side and see other families making their own memories with unique experiences. I love watching a movie while holding my slice of pizza, stealing glances at my mom, and thinking how I’d love to stop time at this moment and live here forever. Live to just see my mom smiling at her whole family together. Live to just see my sister and dad making the dumbest yet funniest jokes and live to be so full of happiness.

After we finish with dinner, my sister and I buy popcorn for ourselves to fully enjoy the movie. All of us spend our time passing cups, eating, watching the movie but most importantly, making the memories I will grow to tell my children about, and smile a few times while at it because I had a heck of a special childhood!

Featured Image by Autocine Santana Facebook Page

Autocine Sign Picture by Picolo Mondo PR

Autocine Santana Picture by Primera Hora

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  1. Again a beautiful childhood memory brought to life with your unique way of writing. I want to mention how very proud I am of your mom. I must have done something right bringing her up. She has been and always will be the best mom and wife she can be. I am sure you and your sister know it.

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