Walking in Venice

Venice, Italy is one of the most talked about cities of the world. Maybe it’s because so many movies have been filmed there, because it’s where you dream to meet the one you’ll fall in love with, or maybe because you saw Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp’s romance as they ran for their life in Venice in the movie The Tourists.

Venice, aka “The City of Water” or “The Floating City” is an incredible city that can’t be explained in pictures or stories, you have to visit to experience the beauty and culture. With its old architecture and impressive lifestyle, it sure stands out among other cities. Venice is like a New York of the Middle Ages that is literally surrounded by water.

One thing that is true is that you will walk a lot to get to your hotel the first night. When you walk in Venice, you will see people walking with their suitcases and backpacks like they just got out of an airport. I have been one of those people and it is a pretty long walk while you carry your luggage, but you have the beautiful city to lighten the mood.

Strangers walking in Venice

Strangers walking in Venice

When you start your walk after leaving your car and crossing the main bridge, you will find a lot of porters willing to carry your bags to the hotel for a price. It is up to you, but also bear in mind that if you choose to do it yourself you won’t be the only one. Part of the charm in Venice is to see so much people walking and half of them struggling with their bags, and if at any moment in the journey you decide you want a porter to help you, they are available at any point.

On your way back you also have the choice of taking the long walk with your luggage or having somebody carry them for you.Regardless of your decision, you must know that carrying them on your way back, might prevent any last-minute shopping or goodbyes in the city. That happened to my mom and she is still regretting it. Whether you want to pay for a service to carry your bags or be a part of the many people who embark the journey and embrace the culture, have fun at your stay in Venice.


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  1. I also fell in love with beautiful Venice when I visited about 16 years ago. I found the stories behind each bridge fascinating. Getting lost and finding our way within the piazzas was also exciting. Our stay there was very pleasant. My only regret is that we could not stay longer, but we had to follow our itinerary.

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