The Wonders of San Diego

Surrounded by the enticing aromas of Coronado Island, with a coffee and popcorn on one hand and a book on the other, that my mom spent one of the most pleasant days of her life. From that day on, San Diego, California became a beloved city in my mother’s heart and 10 years later she set to fulfill her wish for us to experience the beauty of it.

Old Town, San Diego

Here I thought that the mere ride from LA to San Diego was a dream, clearly I did not know what was yet expecting me. As soon as we set foot on San Diego, Old Town was our first visit.

Old Town, San Diego is like jumping into a time travel machine and landing at the very streets of Mexico. From the picturesque streets, houses, and buildings capturing the essence of Mexican culture, to the food, language and spirit. There was a strong emotion of pride behind every color displayed on the walls and every beat of their festive music. We strolled through San Diego but it was as if I was breathing Mexico.

Old Town is surrounded by shops and restaurants from the moment of arrival. Every few feet we would come across a new store, each exalting the cultural background. Old Town is covered with countless pottery shops, candy shops, and restaurants just to name a few.  We entered many shops filled with colorful antiques and beautiful manmade projects like “tinajas,” baskets and more.

With spectacular views of balconies dressed in Mexican spirit and banners of different colors going from building to building, Old Town is the pure epitome of Mexican culture and pride.

We turned on a narrow street in between two buildings and landed on a beautiful hidden public square with many stores surrounding its beautiful center, covered in nature and an outburst of music.

Not even the majestic architecture or the friendly people of such a city could satiate our needs when our hunger started to growth incessantly. Soon began our search for a place to eat in this restaurant-filled town. After considering a few options we sat on the cold outdoor breeze of a place called Alamo. With a fire pit table helping us withstand the cold, we sat down to eat in what was the pure depiction of Mexico. My mom ordered tamales and her favorite menudo soup, I ordered tacos, my sister ordered enchiladas, and my dad ordered a burrito. To top it off, we ordered a delicious four-person dessert of “churros” with ice cream. The food was of exquisite taste and sent us once again in our quest to discover the rest of San Diego.

Coronado Island, San Diego

We were very much tired but persistently took on the journey of Coronado Island that same day. We drove straight from San Diego into the long and famous connecting bridge to set foot on this place that 10 years ago became a source of my mom’s happiness. There we took our well-deserved afternoon break. We sauntered through the stores of this beach city discovering many beautiful boutiques, shops, and restaurants built upon bare sand on the brink of the sea. When I walked further and stood in the sand, I could look straight to see one of the most stunning beaches perfectly nestled to separate the island from the rest of San Diego and in the fading distance stood the towering buildings on the other side. We stopped for afternoon coffee and drinks while we laid our bodies to rest and I couldn’t help but think just how relaxing this must’ve been to my mom a few years back: a peaceful environment giving in to the astonishing sea, a variety of beach themed shops, and incredibly friendly people. Meanwhile, we only experienced the life on the shore of this magnificent island, what stands behind is another mystery to be unfolded someday.

San Diego, California was the site of incredible views and memories. Old Town was the place where Mexican culture met with tourism, to rekindle feelings of pride. Coronado Island was the place for a peaceful stroll through layers and layers of magnificent beauty at the foot of the famous San Diego Bay. The city had us in such an awe that we couldn’t resist altering plans to revisit before leaving to Las Vegas and to do it right, we even ate in the same restaurant, Alamo. There couldn’t have been a better way to spend my Christmas eve that year than by exploring the beauties of such a city like San Diego all in one same day.



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  1. Great story and a wonderful experience for you and your family. Your mom was able to relive a trip she enjoyed so much and have her daughter’s live the experience.

    1. Thanks. Yes, she relished every second of it this time around when the whole family was together visiting her favorite city.

  2. I’m feeling the travel bug and San Diego (+) tacos sure looks hella fun. Just arrived from Culebra and I think you’d love it too. Family road trip? haha
    peace out.

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